Mobile phone repairs - Fast turnaround

Apple repairs

Apple iPhone repair dundee

Expert in apple device repair, any issue considered. iPhone, iPad, iwatch, mac & macbook repair. 

For peace of mind  we use genuine part's where possible. We stock both genuine and non-genuine parts so you can decide which to choose.

Samsung repairs

Samsung repair dundee

We are Samsung's B2B customer meaning we can repair your samsung devices in warranty or out of warranty with samsung certified and genuine part's.

Send us a message or call us for more information.

Sony repairs

Sony repair dundee scotland

Xperia's are most difficult phone to repair and it needs years of experience to repair them which we proudly say we have, and can fix them without any problem.

Google Phone repairs

Google pixel repair dundee

Google devices are getting very common nowadays and they are expensive and when you break such an expensive device it needs some special attention and extra care, so we are here! our experts can easily handle any issues with them and repair them without any hassle professionally. 

Huawei repairs

Huawei phone repair dundee

The crazy innovation comes from huawei, and they comes with problems as well, we are professional enough to handle such complex phones and handle with utmost care.

Nokia, HTC, OnePlus & more

Oneplus phone repairs dundee

The king of phones NOKIA has made a come back, but we can't neglect all other new brands keeping in mind that we can repair almost any other devices out there.